Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nailene's Giveaway!

Nailene has officially started it's giveaway!

Our giveaway will begin on Tuesday, July 27 at 10am and will close on Wednesday, July 28 at 10am (sharp). There will be 1 grand prize winner and 9 other winners! The grand prize winner will win 10 Nailene products & will get to personally choose 5 of the 10 products from Nailene's website that they wish to receive! All other 9 winners will receive 5 pre-selected Nailene products! And since Nailene never wants to exclude any of our lovely bloggers, all participants in Nailene's giveaway will receive Nailene's nail art!

So what do you need to do?

-Be a follower of our blog

-Be a follower on our Twitter (@Nailene)
-Write a post on your personal blog about your favorite Nailene product with an explanation of why this is your favorite product. Be sure to include Nailene's website link, & post a picture of yourself wearing/using the product.
-After you've finished with your post, link your post in the comments section below with your e-mail address
-All participants will be contacted directly by Nailene via e-mail

Nailene Giveaway Winners Will be Announced on Thursday, July 29!

Please note: Please post your comments during the stated duration of Nailene's giveaway only. Bloggers who post comments before the start date/time or after the end date/time of our giveaway will not be eligible. Winners will be chosen based on the exceptional content (i.e. explanations & pictures) of their Nailene post on their blog, and this will be determined by Nailene. The grand prize winner can choose any 5 items from Nailene's website, except tools. All participants, please note that you must fulfill all of the above instructions in order to be eligibile.


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  5. I just posted about the French Tip Nail Kit.

    Twitter follower as 89linz
    Follow blog as Lindsay Martin

  6. Great giveaway thanks for this opportunity :) I follow your blog as Darci and I follow you on twitter as dmarieimages here is my Blog post

  7. Hey I follow Twitter and the Nailene blog,

    nailjunkie100 (twitter)
    Nail Junkie on Google Friend Connect

    I have two posts on my blog about my favourite product:


  8. Hiya,

    I have done a post:

    my email address is:

    I also follow on twitter, im MakeupLoveer

    Lu xoxo

  9. Hi,
    Here's my post:

    my email address is
    and also my twitter account is angelstar124.

    Thanks so much

  10. im a blog follower i follow on twitter @lovemy21b

    and here is my post

    Crystal (at) armywifelifeandreviews (dot) com

  11. Helloo.. I'm a blog follower and a twitter follower (@loradoesmakeup).

    I've written a review post about one of my favourite products:

    and my email is


  12. I am a blog follower via Google Friend Connect and I follow on twitter (via @Sparklezstars)

  13. Hey there!

    My blog post can be found here:

    My email address is:

    and I follow @nailene on twitter with the twitter name @ShanSoPink

    Thank you so much for hosting this awesome contest!

  14. Great giveaway Nailene!

    I am of course a follower of both your blog & your twitter (@daintydollymix)

    I have blogged about your amazing products here:

    My email address is:

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!


  15. Here's the link to my fave product from Nailene:

    my email address is:
    twitter id: @Lara71089