Thursday, July 1, 2010

4th of July Dazzled Nails

Has anyone dazzled their nails with 4th of July nail art? We would love to post images of our followers' nail designs on our blog! We think it'd be great if other bloggers could be inspired by your unique designs! Leave a comment with a link to your image and we'd love to show off your talent! We'll also caption your image with your individual blog site so that our bloggers can follow you, too! xoxo, Nailene

Our Bloggers' 4th of July Nail Art

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Asami used Nailene's Bedazzle Nail Art to create this 4th of July look!

Jean used Nailene's Couture Nails & exclusive Fourth of July Nail Art!

To get this look, Brooke used Nailene's Full Cover Nails & Nail Guides to create a sleek, white stripe.

Ashley innovatively used Nailene's nail guides (usually used for creating French Manicures) to create this look!

Stephanie also used Nailene's Bedazzle Nail Art to dazzle her nails!

Check out Shansopink's Fourth of July look on her blog!


  1. I just found your blog through twitter and would love to try these. Really pretty mani :)

  2. I have some red, white and blue glitter polish...somewhere! It's got silver star glitter in it. OK, off to find it before the 4th passes.

  3. I made three Fourth of July looks, one using Nailene's nail stickers:

  4. Here's a direct link to just two photos if you prefer that:

  5. my camera wasn't exactly cooperating, but there is one at the bottom of this post :)


  7. Oh wow - I'm going to go check out some of their blogs - great post :)

  8. Thank you i couldn't wait to try these out :)

  9. Part of mine was made with Nailene guides. :)

  10. Hi there!
    I actually put up a blog post with a nail design I did and used Nailene stickers :)

  11. I did a couple different 4th of July nails on my Nailene nails :)

    This is my favorite design (and my sister's nails are featyred in this post too):

    My second favorite design:

    My third favorite design:

    All designs were done on Nailene glue-on nails (my favorites!). My sister used Nailene Nail Guides to create the white stripe on her nails :)

  12. i saw ashley's nails on her blog and thought they were great. all these 4th of july looks are super!

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  13. Here are some designs I did.

  14. This was mine: