Monday, June 7, 2010


Hi Nailene Fans!

Welcome to our new Nailene blog, Nailene-Girls! Nailene-Girls will be a blog about Beauty, Fashion, and most importantly, Nails!

We've created this blog to share the latest and greatest trends, write about what we love in the industry, and to better connect with all of our Beauty Bloggers. We hope that you will Follow us and spread the word!

-The Nailene Team

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  1. Hi, Nailene girls! I'm Nisa from Malaysia. I recently watched a video on YouTube by BeautyBroadcast about artificial nails. I was in awe of her nails and her review. She really makes me want to try Nailene! Unfortunately, Nailene is not available here and I can only get them online. But online stores, being what they are, are usually low in stocks/varieties and hard to find. I need some pointers in finding Nailene online. Which store has stocks, reliable service and can ship to Malaysia? Help! (